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About 12 Alwars

Alwars, who are said to be the Hamsam of Sriman Narayanan, have dedicated their lives towards the Emperumaan and they led their life by praising and doing Mangalasasanam on Sriman Naryanan. These Alwars are 12 in Number and out of which one is Sri Andal, who is a woman.

These Alwars were born in various parts of our country but they were all united in a common subject, ie dedicating their lives and praising the Lord.

Poigai Alwar, Bhoodath Alwar and Pei Alwar are collectively called as "Mudhal Alwars" were found in the same period of time.

Thirumazhisai Alwar, who thought the Perumal as his friend and has sung Mangalasasanam on Perumal.

Thirumangai Alwar, who was a great king in his starting of life but later, changed his life to work for the Perumal and for his bhaktaas.

Thondaradippodi Alwar, who is also named as "Vipra Narayanar" led his life as the slave to the Perumal and worked for the Perumal by dedicating him with Garlands.

Thiruppaan Alwar, who belonged to the Paanar family, praised the Perumal through his beautiful songs and Paasurams.

Periyalwar, is considered as the Mother, Father for Sri Andal and Father-in-Law to Perumal has sung Mangalasasanam on Perumal.

Sri Andal, who is also called as "Soodikkodutha Sudar Kodi" is said to be the daughter (brought up) of Periyalwar has created "Thiruppavai" in which she considers Sriman Naryanan as her husband. She is the only lady alwar.

Nammalwar, who sat below the Tamarind tree without having any food and sleep got Gnana and has sung Mangalasasanam on Perumal and he has worked hard to spread Sri Vaishnavam.

Madhurakavi Alwar, who is said to be the Sishyan (Student) of Nammalwar is also one among 12 Alwars.

Kulasekara Alwar, have a great bhakti towards Sri Ramar have also done Mangalasasanam on the Perumal particularly in Malayala Naatu thriuppathigal.

Poigai Alwar

Thondai Naadu, which is said to be the land full of brightness and nature's beauty, has a number of cities in it. Likewise, Kanchipuram is one of the cities, which is said to be gifted by Nature in its wealth and beauty. Thiru Atthiyoor (Chinna Kanchipuram) is one of the small part of Kanchipuram, which is surrounded by numerous Vishnu temples and this Kanchi is called "Vishnu Kanchi". Big Kanchipuram is full of Shiva perumal temple and it is named as "Shiva Kanchi".
Thiru vekka, also called as "Yadhothakaari Sannadhi" which is found in Vishnu Kanchi, has its own speciality and Sriman Narayanan's Anugraha (Blessings). Nearer to the Yadhothakaari temple, is found a Poigai (small pond), which is full of beautiful, fresh lotus flowers are found. Sonna Vannam Seitha Perumal, is found close to this pond and giving his seva to the entire world.
The Pond, which is found in the Great Ksthetram, inspite of having the nourishing smell and beauty, it has another speciality to be said. In Siddhartha year, Iyppasi Month, Suklashtami Tuesday in Tiruvona Natshatram, as an Hamsam of one of the Panjayudham (5 Weapons) of Sriman Narayanan - Thiru Sangu, Poigai Alwar was born in this world. Since, he was born in this poigai (Pond), he is called as "Poigai Alwar".
From the Childhood, his thinking was always on the almighty, Sriman Narayanan and made up his mind that he should follow him and want to spread his fame to the world. He learnt all the Vaishhava's speech and acted according to it and led his life as how a Vaishnava should be.
Knowing the greatness of Thirumaals devotion and thought him fame has to be spread to all the humans in the whole world, he left all of his general human characters like Love, Angry and having the mind to earn wealth.


In Thondai Naadu, a city, which is found on the shore of the sea, which is called as "Kadal Mallai" is found. The Adiyaars (or) the bhaktas who praise the Emperumaan are found in large number in this Kadal Malai Kshetram.
This Kadal Mallai Kshetram is also popularly called as "Maamallapuram" and as the years passed, this sthalam is now called as "Mahabalipuram". Since this sthalam was ruled by Maamallan, a great of Pallava King, the sthalam is named as "Maamallapuram". This sthalam is also called as "Mahabalipuram" because Mahabali Chakaravarthy, who ruled this sthalam, as asked by Sriman Narayanan who came as "Vaamanar" (Dwarf) asked for 3 feets of land. Since, he could not give him the 3rd feet, he surrended his head as the 3rd one. As a complete surrender towards the Emperumaan, Mahabali was sanctified him to attain Moksha. Beacuase of this, the sthalam is also known as "Mahabalipuram".
Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan is found in some sthalams in Nindra Kolam and in some sthalam as "Veetrirundha thirukkolam" and in "Kidantha Kolam" in some sthalam. Likewise, this is one of the greatest sthalam where the Emperumaan, "Sthala Sayana Perumal" is found in Kidantha Thirukkolam.
Having these kinds of specialities, this sthalam has another speciality to say.
In Siddhartha year, Iyppasi month, Navami, Avitta Natshatram, Bhoodhathalwar was born, who is considered to be the Hamsam of one amongst the Panja Aayudham (five weapons) of Thirumaal, the Koumothagi, the Gadha, in a small Madhavi flower.
From the child hood, his heart and all of his thinking are towards Sriman Narayanan and spent his life by praising the fame of him.

Thiru Myilai, which is one of the sthalam found in Thondai Naadu, is now called with the name "Mylapore" is said to be a place where lots of divine humans and people who spread the divinity are born and are said to be leading their lives.
Sri Aadhi Kesava Perumal temple is one of the famous temple found in Mylapore, has a small pond (where lots of different kinds of flowers are found). Likewise on Siddhartha year, Iyppasi month, Dhasami, Thursday in Sadhaya Natshatram (Star), Pei Alwar was born as a small child in one of the Alli flower, which is found in the pond. He is the Hamsam of one of the Panja Aayudham of Sriman Narayanan, the Sword (weapon of Sri Vishnu) which is called as "Nandhagam" in 7 A.D century.

Thirumazhisai Alwar

Thondai Naadu is one of the parts of Tamil Nadu where lots of well knowledged and religious persons were born. In this thondai Naadu, Thirumazhisai sthalam is found where lots of Munis and Yogis are found. Among them, onmunivar by named Bargava muni was found who didn't have a baby. Because of this, he did tapas towards the Perumal and did a Yaagam by named "Sathram". As a result of the Yaagam, his wife gave birth to 
a baby which is said to be the Hamsam of Sudharsana Chakkaram of Sriman Narayanan.

The baby was found in an incomplete manner (ie) it did not have hands, legs etc. On seeing the baby, both of his parents, Bargava muni and his wife were worried and felt bad for the baby and left it into a Perambhu (tree that belongs to Bamboo family) ditch. After they left, the Perumal along with Lakshmi Devi came towards the baby and blessed him with his sevai and as a result, the baby was completely filled up with all of his parts and his Gnana seemed to be enlightening. After this, the Perumal and Lakshmi Devi disappeared from that place.
An Andhanan(stranger) by name "Thiruvaalan", was coming along that side and heard the baby crying. He didn't have any child, so he thought that the God has gifted him this and took the baby towards his house.
On seeing the child, the Andhanan's wife, Pangaya selvi felt so happy and she tried to feed the baby with milk. But, the baby didn't drink it and it didn't even sleep. But, his health didn't seem to be losing. This miracle news spread all over the place and an old man was found in Thirumazhisai to see the child. When he saw the child, he noted the shine on his face and thought the child would be a blessed child of the Perumal. Since, the child was blessed by the Emperumaan, it was named as "Thirumazhisai piraan". He gave a cup of cow's pure milk and asked the child to drink it. The child accepted it and drank the milk. On seeing this, both the Andhanan and his wife were happy and asked the old man to come daily to feed the milk.

Likewise, the old man came daily and gave milk to the child and told the Andhanan that the remaining milk that the child has kept should be taken by his wife, Pangaya selvi, so that she might give birth to a child. As told by the old man, daily, they took the milk that was kept by the child. As the days passed on, Pangaya selvi gave birth to a Male child and they named him as "Kani kannan". Kani Kannan was taught will all sorts of good vedic philosophies and spiritual books. He became the close friend of Thirumazhisai piraan and kani kannan started to treat Thirumazhisai piraan as his Guru. He learnt lots of spiritual knowledge from his Guru and followed him.

Once, Thirumazhipiraan went to Thiruvekka, the Avathara sthalam of Poigai Alwar and worshipped the Yadhotthakaari Perumal who is found in Aadhi seshan. He wanted to stay there for sometime and started to be in Dhyana stage. At that time, an old lady was working for Thirumazhisai piran. On seeing the help rendered by her, he was so happy about her work. Hence, he asked her that he shall give her one varam(boon).

She asked him that she is feeling bad about her old age and as a result she asked him to change
her into a youth. Seeing the lady, he changed her to a beautiful young woman.
Once, the Pallava king was passing by the side of the young lady, found her and was stunned to see her beauty. After going to his palace, he sent his soldiers and sent a message that he wanted to marry her. She accepted his wish and they both got married and led the life happily. The days passed on and king became old and at the same time, his wife seems to be young and beautiful. He asked her about the secret of her beauty. She told about her story and how she became young and beautiful.
On hearing the secret, the king sent some of soldiers to Thirumizhisai alwar's place to ask his Sishyan, Kani Kannan to come to his palace. Kani Kannan went to the palace and met the king. The king said that his Guru Thirumazhisai Alwar should sing a poem on praising him. But, Kani Kannan told that his guru is said to be blessed by the Emperumaan and his mouth will praise only the God, but not the king. As satisfied by this, the king asked if atleast he (Kani Kannan) could praise him through his poem. But, Kani kannan refused to do so and said that he is not an ordinary person who praises for the need of ornaments and food and he will follow his Guru by praising only the Perumal.
The king was angry on hearing the words from Kani Kannan and ordered him that he would be killed. After this, Kani Kannan went straight towards Thirumazhisai Alwar and explained all about what had happened to him in the palace. As ordered by the king, Kani kannan started to leave Thiruvekka. Hearing this, Thirumazhisai alwar stopped Kani Kannan and said he is also coming along with him, since they were found together from the Childhood. While vacating from Thiruvekka, they crossed the Yadhothakari temple.
Thirumazhisai Alwar told to the Perumal that since Kani Kannan is leaving Kanchipuram, he is also going along with him and he asked the Perumal to get up from the Aadhiseshan, the mat of the Perumal to roll it and he wanted the Perumal to join them. As said by the alwar, the Perumal rolled his mat (Aadhiseshan) and all these 3 quit from Kanchi. After the Perumal went out along with the Alwar and Kani Kannan, the entire empire seemed to be dull and all the people feared that the world is going to end.
The king heard from his palace officials that the Perumal has also gone out from the temple along with them and that's the reason for the empire becoming dull. The king realised his fault and went towards the place where they stayed for one night. The king felt for his fault and asked Kani Kannan to return back to Kanchi. As requested by the king, Kani kannan accepted his words and started towards Thiruvekka. Thirumazhisai alwar came along with Kani Kannan, sang on the Perumal that since Kani Kannan is returning back he can also return and can sleep on the Aadhiseshan on his Vekka temple.
"Kanikkannan              pokkozhinthaan               Kaamarupoonkacchi
Manivanna         Nee         Kidakka       Vendum          - Thunivudaya

Sennappulavanum        Pokkuzhinthaan
Neeyum undhan painnaagap Paaippaduthuk kol".

The place where Thirumazhisai Alwar, Kani Kannan and the Perumal stayed for one night is called as "Oar Iravu Irukkai" and now it is called as "Oarikkai".

After sometime, Thirumazhisai Alwar along with Kani Kannan left from Thiruvekka and went towards Thirukkudanthai. After worshipping the Perumal, Alwar went to cauvery river and left all of his Prabhandhams that he had written in praise of the Perumal. Except Thirucchanda Virutham (which has 120 Paasurams) and Naanmughan Thiruvandhathi (which has 90 Paasurams) did not merge into the river, instead they came towards his legs. He took both of the Andhathees and went towards AaravamudhapPerumal and did Mangalasasanam in Kudanthai temple. For more years, he stayed in Thirukkudanthai and sang lots of Paasurams on Perumal. In Thirucchanda Virutham, he explains about Sriman Narayanan who is found in various Divya Desams as :

"Nindrathu                                    Enthai                                    Ooragathu
Irundhathu                                   Enthai                                     Paadagathu
Andru                                            Vakkanaik                              kidanthu
Ennilaadha                                                                                  Munnellaam
Andru                                            Naan                                       Piranthilen
 Pirandhapinn                                                                              Maranthilen
Nindrathum                                                                                  Irunthadhum
Kidanthum ennenjulae".

In this, the alwar explains about how the Perumal is found in Ulagalandha koil as Thiru Ooragathaan, and as a Thoodhuvan (diplomat or representative) for Paandavas in Thiru Paadagam and likewise he explains the various positions of the Perumal and finally he says that he is found in his heart.


Life History:
Nammalwar was born in a clan "Vellalar tribe" on the 43rd day of kali yuga on Friday, under the star “Vishakha”, during the sukla pakshi, chathur dashi, in kataka lagna, in the month of vrushabha (May-June), in vasantha ruthu, in the year of Pramadhi, in Thiru kurugoor (near Thirunelveli) in the Pandaya dynasty of Tamil Nadu, to kariyar and Udayanangayar.
The child was extraordinary. For several days, it lived with eyes closed in perfect health, without food (neither breast fed milk nor any other). For days together, it never spoke. Distressed at this, the parents place the child at the shrine of Aadinathar, the deity of Kurugoor, surrendering into Him the entire burden of upbringing the child.
As the child was totally different from the general human nature, he was named Maran. He was also called “Sadagopan” as, unlike other children, he did not allow earthly ignorance to envelope him.
For sixteen long years, Maran sat motionless under the tamarind tree in Adinathar temple without food or drink, eyes closed, in padmasana ( one of the meditative posture), in utter silence. He was verily a SUN in human form with an aura encompassing the universe. He is believed to be the Avatara of Vishwak-Sena, chief of the hosts of Sriman Narayana in Vaikuntam.

Madhurakavi Alwar:

During that period, an elderly Brahmin scholar named Madhurakavi was on his pilgrimage to north Indian shrines. At Ayodhya, the pilgrim saw an extraordinary sweet glowing light as a star on the southern sky. Keen on knowing the source whence it emanated he traveled southward. Even when he reached Srirangam, (near Trichy in Tamil Nadu) the light was visible in far south. He continued his quest till he reached kurugoor, where the light merged with the person in Nammalwar, seated blissfully under the tamarind tree

Getting Nammalwar to speak:
With great difficulty, Madhura kavi succeeded in drawing out Nammalwar from his deep samadhi. He learnt from Nammalwar the secrets of all the shastras by becoming his disciple. Thenceforward, he remained at his lotus feet, recording the divine poem swelling out of the heart of Nammalwar in great ecstasy of Krishna Bhakti, sometimes rapidly and other times slowly, depending on the intensity of intuition and inspiration. At the very thought of the birth and beauty of Sri Krishna, the Alwar used to go into deep trance for months together.
Nammalwar is the seer of Dravidian Vedas. He sang four immortal poems as the Tamil version of the of the four Vedas – Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharvanda.
Nammalwar stayed on earth in flesh and blood only for a brief thirty-five years. His return back to Vaikuntam through the Archaradhi gathi has also been sung by him in the penultimate portion of Thiruvaimozhi

Madhurakavi composed "kanni-nun chiruthambu"—a short prabandha of just eleven poems, in praise of Nammalwar, which in tradition occupies a very central place. Madhurakavi spread the music of the poems of Nammalwar far and wie. During those days, it is said that everyone-be he an oarsman, or trader, a chieftain or a Brahmin, reached the transcendent state by merely singing these verses.

The "Sataari" placed on the heads of all the devotees in Vishnu temples is supposed to be Nammalwar himself. All other Alwars are his limbs as brought out in the following invocatory verse:

          “ Bhootam Saraschya, mahadaavya Bhattanatha
                                        Sri Bhakti sara kulashekhara yogi vahaan
                                        Bhakataangri-renu parakala yateendra mishran,
                                        Srimath paraangusa munim pranatosmi Nityam."

It was Sri Rangathaswamy of Sri Rangam who fondly referred to "Sadagopan" as Nammalwar (meaning, my devotee).
After this era, a gap of more than 600 years fell in the path of Vaishnava Bhakthi while religions
like                 Jainism,                 Saivism                 etc                 seemed                 to                 grow

In the ninth century, when the Divya Prabhandam, composed by all the Alwars was lost to human memeory, through yogic contact with Nammazhwar, Sriman Nadhamunigal resuscitated all the paasurams(verses) and systematized their singing at the Vishnu Temples. The great Ramanuja fostered this practice universally. He wrote 'Sri Bhashya' keeping the Sri-Sukthis of Nammalwar in mind. Manavala maamunigal and Vedanta desikar, by their compositions and discourses, gave the pride of place - Thiruvaimozhi occupies in Sri Vaishnavam.

Nammalwar's Works:

Nammalwar gave the Tamil version of the Vedas in the following works:—

This constitutes the essence of Rig Veda. Thiru means “Sri”. It is a poem of 100 stanzas each a quadrate. Viruttam is a style of poetry. Viruttam literally means an event. The event of 'falling in love with the Supreme being' is narrated poetically. 'Bridal Mysticism' is symbolized in a mellifluent way.
This constitutes the essence of yajurveda. It is a poem in seven sections or seven poems of unequal length. The breathless flow of the continuity of expression of the sun-lit beauty of the lord takes the reader to ethereal heights. In all, it has 71 lines.
This constitutes the essence of
Atharvana Veda. It is a poem of 87 lyrical stanzas. The style is at once simple and direct, moving and inspiring and transports one to see god face to face.
4.    THIRUVAIMOZHI (literally means Divine words)
This is the magnum opus of Nammalwar—the treasure of Vaishnavism. it consists of 1102 four lined verses or passurams. These appear in groups of eleven. One group, which is an exception has thirteen paasurams. Each group is known as a Thiruvaimozhi. Ten such groups is called a pathu (meaning ten in Tamil). Thiruvaimozhi therefore has 10 pathus that is 100 thiruvaimozhis and 1102 paasurams. The melody produces by chorus singing of these paasurams by devotees is a feast to the ears.

Kulasekara Alwar

 Chera Nadu is otherwise called as "Malai Nadu", which is rich in wealth and is surrounded by big beautiful mountains and rivers. In this Chera Nadu, lots of Elephants are found as cows found in Thondai Nadu. All the people found in this empire are said to be great warriors. Not only in war, but also in education and the way they led the country and their life. Chera Nadu was ruled by Chera Kings, who ruled for more decades. They led the empire in peace and made the life of the people happy.

In that generation, a king by named "Thidaviradhan", ruled the Chera Empire, who had a great bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan. He gave proper respect and gave lots of valuable things to Vishnu bhaktas. As the kind of life by the king, as the Hamsam of Sri Vishnu's Sri Kousthu, a baby was born in Prabhava year, Maasi
month, Sukla Dvadesi, friday in Punarpoosa Natshatram (Star). Since, the child was born as the result of Vishnu bhakti of the king, it look very bright and beautiful.

As the birth of child, the entire empire celebrated his birth and after 10 days, the child was kept the name "Kulasekaran". He did all the mischief things in the childhood days what a child does generally. But, at the same time, he learnt all the important issues and also learnt the Sanskrit language, which is said as the Veda Mozhi (Vedic language). He was not only taught with the studies, but also with various was teachings like horse riding, Elephant ride, practiced the sword fight, Gadhai and Chariot riding. He was very well taught with studies and also with various fighting aspects fo
r war.

After attaining the proper age, he was given the throne and led the Chera Nadu, better than his father led. He also gave the proper respect to the Vishnu bhaktas and made the people very happy. He fought with great speed in the war and defeated all the opposing kings. On seeing this, the Chozha kings and Pandiya kings got jealous on him and tried to defeat him in the war. But, Kulasekarar with his mighty soldiers and army defeated them and extended his empire towards Chozha Nadu.

On seeing the greatness and the masculine character of Kulasekarar, Pandiyan king married her daughter to Kulasekarar. After getting married, he led his life with his wife and along with the war and capturing the various empires. But, seeing all this, the Emperumaan who is found on the Paambuanai (Perumal found on the Aadhiseshan using him as his bed) wanted
to make kulasekarar to get out from the Maayai and wanted him to lead an spiritual life.

But the life of Kulasekarar went on as this and one fine day, he got irritated for his leading of life and felt sorry for the lives he had killed in the war. This made him to think about Sriman Narayanan and thought that he should lead his life by being useful to others and at the same time he should spread the Vishnu Bhakti in the midst of human life.
He was really worried that he should have not bor
n in a rich family, but instead he might have born in an unwealthy family, so that he could not lead a luxurious life. He even thought that he might have born as a fish in any of the Punniya theerthams, so that he might have a close relationship with the Perumal.
This thought didn't stop, it extended assuming him (Kulasekarar) as the mother (Devaki) of Sri Kannan, he explained the childhood leelas of Sri Krishnar. He explained his leelas as :

"Thann Am Thamaraik Kannane! Kanna
Thavazhtu Ezhundhu Thalarndhu Oar Nadayaal
Mannil Sempodi Aadivandhu Enthan
Maarbil Mannidam Petrilen! Andho!
Vanna Chemsiru Kaiviral Anaithum
Vaari Vaaikkonda Adisilin Micchil
Unnaip Petrilen oh! Keduvinaiyen
Ennai Enseip Petradhu Em Moyae"!

In this, Kulasekarar thinks Sri Kannan as his child and explains him about his childhood leelas. He started to love the God and it extended so well.
Because of his great bhakti, he did lots of Dhaanams to Vishnu bhaktas. He praised the Perumal by praising and satisfying his bhaktas.

Kulasekarar had a great attention towards hearing the purana stories. He called up lots of old persons and heared lots of old stories and the thathuvam in it. He gave lots of prizes to the old person. Likewise, one day an old yogi was called to say a story in the puranas.
The old yogi told the story of Ramayana and the way of life led by Sri Ramar. On hearing the story of Sri Ramar, Kulasekarar as he was deeply attracted by the life of Sri Ramar, his eyes started to release water and he was totally surrounded towards Sri Ramar.

The next day, the old yogi explained about the war scene that happened in Ramayana. In that he explained, that Lakshmanan was asking for the permission to fight with the Arakkars (Demons) who had come against them. But, at that time Sri Ramar stopped him not to go to fight with them, but asks him to stay as the protection for Seetha amd came out from the hut. On seeing Sri Ramar, Soorpanaka roared at all of the Arakkars that Rama has come out and asks his entire troops to surround him. All the arakkars had lots of sharp weapons and surrounded Sri Ramar.

On hearing the story of Sri Ramar and he was deeply attracted
by this scene, Kulasekarar thought that there is something harm is going to happen for Sri Ramar and quickly stood from that place and orders all of his army persons to get ready for the war.

But, all the war members, on seeing the action of Kulasekarar was amazed and surprised that why and with whom they are going to raise the war, since the choza and Pandiya kings who are treated as their enemy are being quiet at that time. But, they have to obey the orders of their king and prepared all the horses and Elephants for the war.

Kulasekarar made himself comfort for the war and came out of the palace and stood on the Chariot. But, on knowing the great bhakti towards the Emperumaan he had towards Sri Ramar, his ministers found that the war plan was because of the story the old yogi was telling and asked the yogi to tell the complete story to their king.

The yogi completed the story that their is not necessity for the war, since Sri Ramar, single handedly have defeated all the arakkar. On hearing this and the greatness of Sri Ramar, he was very much attracted to him and at the same time, he order all of him army members to go to their places and tie up the horses and elephants in their places. This explains about great attraction of Kulasekarar towards the Emperumaan.
But, this action of their king towards the Vaishnavism incre
ased, all the ministers were angry on all Vishnu bhaktas and this anger turned towards them. Some of his ministers, stealed the ornaments of the Perumal.
The next day, Kulasekarar was surprised to see some of the ornaments being stolen. He wanted to know who had done that, knowing the situation, the ministers complained that the ornaments are stolen only by the Vishnu Bhaktas. But, kulasekarar denied that by saying it cant be done by any of Vishnu bhaktas and having a great faith of them, Kulasekarar asked some of ministers to bring a vessel in which lots of poisonous snakes are put.

His ministers also did the same thing as said by their king. They came along with a vessel in which lots of poisonous snakes are found. Kulasekarar said to all of his ministers in the midst of the palace, that he is going to insert his hand into the vessel. If the ornaments are stolen by the Vishnu Bhaktas as said by his ministers, the snakes will bite him, but if not, the
y will not bite him.

By telling this, he inserted his hand into the vessel, but since the ornaments are not stolen by the bhaktas the snakes didn't bit him. He took his hand without even a single bite. The entire minister was ashamed of their act towards the Vishnu bhaktas and they asked sorry to kulasekarar for what they have done. But, Kulasekarar asked then that he is not the right person to ask for, they should ask sorry to the Vishnu Bhaktas. This acts of Kulasekarar explains how dedicated he is towards Vaishnavism and to the Vishnu bhaktas.
This kind of great character of Kulasekarar made him to get the name as "Kulasekara Alwar" and he followed the Vaishnava bhakti to a vast extent. He had a great bhakti towards Sri Ramar who is also called as "Periya Perumal" and he wrote "Perumal Thirumozhi". He did a lot of Kainkaryams (devotion) towards Aranganathan and finally got the Paramapadham.


The Avathara sthalam of Periyalwar is Srivilliputhur. He was born to Mukunda bhattar and Paduma valli, who belong to veyar family. He was born in Aani month - Swathi nakshathram - krothana year - Ekadesi Thithi - Sunday as the hamsam of Garudalwar. His parents kept him the name as "Vishnu Siththar".
His life :-

He heard lots of stories of Sri Kannapiran from his parents and because of this, he got attracted towards Sri Vishnu. In the early days of his life, he learnt all the Vedams, etc. Both of his parents were also had a great bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan. And like them, Vishnu siththar was also very much attracted by Sriman Narayanan and his Gunams. So, he started to dedicate his life to Sri Vishnu. He selected to dedicate Garlands and flowers to the Perumal. He considered Sri Vadabhadra Saayee Perumal as "Sri Kannan" and started to perform Nandhavana (flower park) Kainkaryam for him.
During the time of Periyalwar, Madurai (belonged to Pandiya Kingdom) was ruled by the king named Vallabha devan. He conquered lots of kin
gdoms in North and the chozha kingdom also. As a routine, he dressed in another way to find how is ruling and how are the people of his kingdom. While passing through a house, he saw an elderly person sitting in front of the house. The king had a great doubt (i.e.) how to overcome this birth and what to be done to be good in the next generation. As the person in front of the house seemed to be brighter, the king thought he is the right person to be asked and he can find the solution from him.
The King asked the Andhanar about him. The Andhanan answered that he comes from the north after having the sacred bath in Ganga River and now he is traveling towards Sethu River. Hearing this, the king bow down towards him and asked what is the best way to be happy in the next jenmam (or) piravi and for what should be done in this jenmam. The Andhanan said and explained the following slokam:-
"Maariyin kaalam thThiruyppaan matru illa kaalaththu eettum
Kooriya Irulil theriyppaan kozhum sudar pagalil eettum
Seeriya illamai thannin Moopukku Sirappaal eettum
Aariyalbhu adhanaal immai thanniley marumaikku eettum".
The explanation:-

The necessary things for the night, should be found and searched in the day time, The thing for the rainy season, had to be found and saved during the sunny seasons; thing needed for the older age should be saved in the younger age itself; like that, to be good in the next jenman, we should be good in at present jenman (i.e.) help others, follow our rules and regulations etc. If we are good and follow the said rules according to our religion, one can attain all the things what he wanted in the next jenman".
After hearing this, the king wanted to know what is the thing he wanted to perform for the betterment of his next jenmam. Selva Nambi worked as a prohithar in his kingdom and said one has to explain that the person has to explain the Vedanta parathuvam. On hearing this, the king ordered to tie a silk cloth which had lots of precious ornaments, jewels etc which will be given to the person who explains the Parathuva siddhantham.
Sri Vishnu and Vishnu siththar:-
During that time, Sri Vishnu emerged in the dreams of Vishnu siththar and asked him to go to the palace of pandiya kingdom and explained the truth for paraththuva siddhantham. As said by Sriman Narayanan, he marched towards Madurai and reached the palace. Selva Nambi could see the glow on the face of Vishnu siththar so he went towards him and greeted him.
Then, he started to explain about Paththuvam
and he said that for every action to be perform, there is and should be a reason. The entire world to lead its life is god; and the paramporul the Paramathma is Sriman Narayanan and we can attain him only through our dedicated bhakti; the final step of bhakti is "Saranagathi". So, if one surrenders all of his ego, wealth, anger and dedicates bhakti means he is getting Saranagathi towards Sri Vishnu which is the only way to get out of all sins and attain Mukthi". Om hearing this, all the great people who were in the palace and even the Pandiya king fell towards Vishnu sittar and gave the prize money to him. After this, the king himself wore the silk cloth on him and gave him the special name "Pattarbiran".
Pattarbiran dedicated the precious ornaments got from the Pandiya king towards Sriman Narayanan and started his routine work of Nandhavana Kainkaryam. He not only dedicated the poo maalai (garland) for the perumal but also the Paa maalai (explaining the greatness, the beauty etc) of the perumal. His master pieces includes:-

His great works :
•    Thiru Pallandu

•    Periya Azhwar thirumozhi

Sri Andal

Life story of Sri Andal:
The life story of Sri Andal is very well known in South India and to a few people in the north. However, a brief narrative is given here for the fresher. The Sri Vaishnava tradition holds that Sri Andal was found in the flower garden in kali yuga 98, Adi (Ashata month), Shukla Chathurthi, Tuesday with Puram star in SRIVILLPUTHUR in the Pandiya dynasty. Accordingly, her date of birth is 8th of June 3004 B.C. But modern historians fix a date the first half of the 8th century A.D. Be that as it may, our account follows the "Guru Parampara" tradition.

Upbringing of Sri Andal by Periyaazhvaar/Vishnuchithan:
As Sita was found by king Janaka, while tilling the land for doing yagna, Vishnuchitha (a great vedic scholar, poet, Vishnu devotee also known as Periyazhvar found the divine child under a tulasi plant while he was tending his nandavana(garden) in Srivilliputhur. He brought her up in simple and godly surroundings natural to a pious, vedic, dhwaija. The child prodigy thus fostered lovingly grew into a beautiful maiden and became an embodiment of love for Sri Krishna.
Sri Andal's love for Krishna/Sri Vatabhadrasayee:
Being a devotee of "Sri Vadabhatrasayee", the presiding deity of srivilliputhur, Vishnuchitha would weave a garland of tulasi leaves daily and keep it sacredly rolled in a flower basket so that he may, after attending to his other course, take the garl
and later to the temple for offering to the lord. The child “kodai”(Andal) in her profound innocence would take out the garland daily without her father's knowledge, adorn herself and look into the mirror to satisfy herself whether she was suitable bride to the lord and then would remove the garland and replace it in the basket in its original form. This was going on for days and without actually knowing that her daughter had adorned the garland around herself, Vishnuchitha would offer this to the deity who wore it beatifically.
One day to his surprise, Vishnucitha saw the child wearing the garland before he could take it to the temple. He was shocked for he considered this as a great defilement. He remonstrated her for this act. He fasted that day and did not offer the garland and was all repentant. But lo! What a surprise? At night, the lord appearing in dreams asked Vishnuchitha, why you did not offer me the tulasi wreath today? I am ever eager to have the things touched by my devotee. Think not Andal kodai to be a mere mortal.”
To his wonder Vishnuchitha found that
tulasi wreath worn on the previous ay by Andal had not faded. But, was fresher than a freshly made garland. Thereafter, he offered the garland to the deity after being worn by Andal. The lord continued to give his the bliss of ineffable “darshan”. (Even today, this practice is being observed at the temple of Srivilliputhur.)
When Andal attained her marriageable age, her father was worried to find a suitable match for her. But, the divine child would not marry anyone except lord Krishna.
Therefore, Vishnuchitha narrated all the KALYANA GUNAS of all the Archa-Murthis of the one hundred and eight Sri Vaishnava Kshetras in India, so that she may for herself choose the deity. When she heard of the Soundarya of lord Sriranganatha, tears of joy came over her and her heart prayed to HIM to come and accept her in wedlock.

Wedlock of Sri Andal with Sri Ranganatha:

At this, Vishnuchitha, knowing not what to do, meditated. Sri ranganatha spoke to him in a dream: "Do not hesitate to offer your daughter to Me, for she is Bhudevi herself." Simultaneously the lord bade the sthanikas(officials in charge) of Srirangam to go to Srivilliputhur and bring Andal in a palanquin in all royalty.

King Vallabhadeva along with his retinue joined the procession from Srivilliputhur to Srirangam with Sri Andal in a palanquin.
The whole route was decorated on either sides with flowers and wreaths of finely weaved green saplings (called thoranam). As sri Andal entered the inner shrine of Sri Ranganatha, the magnetic beauty of the lord instantly attracted her. She boldly mounted up His serpent couch and joined the eternal lustrous light of Sri Ranganatha in the presence of the gathering.
Sri Andal's works:
To posterity, Sri Andal gave two gems as masterpieces:-
1.    TIRUPPAVAI (30 verses)
2.    NAACHIYAAR THIRUMOZHI (143 verses).

   Thondaradippodi Alwar

•    Chozha Empire, which is said to be very special and rich in all of its production, was surrounded by the Cauvery River, made the chozha empire very beautiful and vegetative. Beautiful lakes, small rivers, which surrounds the green vegetative lands are found, which is one of the special vision to be seen. In this type of empire, a small village by name "Thiru mandaggudi", where Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana vedas are well explained by the andhanars who lived in this village. In that village, there was one community people called "Kudumi Sozhiyap Brahmanar" also called as "Vipra" people lived, whose routine work is to praise about Sri Vishnu.
•    One of the people of that community was an andhanan by name "Veda Visaradhar", who had a great bhakti towards the Emperumaan and dedicated his bhakti towards him by surrendering garlands to him. He did this as his daily work. By the grace of the Emperumaan, Sriman Narayanan, in Prabhava year, Maargazhi month, Krishna chaturthi, Tuesday in Kettai Natshatram (star), as the hamsam of Sri Vaijayanthi Vanamaalai, a beautiful male child was born to him.
•    On the 12th day after his birth, he was named as "Vipra Narayanar". He was properly taken care of and proper education along with the bhakti towards Sri Vishnu was teached to him. He grew up with all good characters and had a good structured body, too. Inspite of being good and beautiful and dedicated to Sri Vishnu bhakti, he treated all the aged persons and persons who are younger to him in the same way and gave proper respect to them.
•    One day, "Seenai Mudaliyaar", who was the leader of Sri Vishnu's troop came down to the earth and explained t "Vipranarayanar", why he was born in this mighty world and what are the things that he should follow to attain Mukthi.
•    On hearing the truth of his birth, he showed much love, affection and bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan. As an extension to it, he started thinking what should be the next step to be taken to explore his bhakti. He thought by travelling to all of the temples where the Emperumaan is travelling to all of the temples where the Emperumaan is giving his seva, should be worshipped. But, he had a question that from which sthalam he should start with. After a long thinking, he finally decided that he should start from the greatest of all of the Vishnu sthalams, the Sri Rangam, which is located on the banks of cauvery river should be the starting sthalam he should worship and started travelling towards it.
•    After reaching the temple, he went inside the moolavar sannadhi and was very happy to see the perumal on the Aadhiseshan (the snake) who is found in sleeping posture. After seeing the beauty of Sri Ranganathar, he doesnt want to see any of the things around and thought his bhaktiand the remaining life should be spent completely for Aranganathan. He thought in what way he can express his bhakti towards the emperumaan and finally he thought he can offer him with the Garland daily to the perumal.
•    Soon after this thought, he constructed a bigh Nandhavanam (flower park) in Sri Rangam, where various beautiful and fragrance flower plants are grown. He built a small hut in the midst of the park. Daily, in the morning, as a daily work, he dedicated the Garland to Sri Ranganathar and then only he do his routine jobs. Since, he thought, only Sri Aranganathar is the beautiest thing in this world, he didn't turn up towards any of the women around him. Because of this, all the people thought he doesn't have any feelings towards the people around him. On seeing these kinds of scenes from Sri Vaikundam, thirumagal, Sri Lakshmi questioned Sriman Narayanan that because of having the affection towards him (Sri Ranganathar) and inspite of being a male, he doesnt know how the love should be expressed towards a women and continued that which women can show her love towards a person like Vipra Narayanan? Knowing the future and what is going to happen, Sri Vishnu casually answered Sri Lakshmi that she is going to see what is going to happen for him.
•    In thirukkarambanoor, there lived two Daasis (Women who dances in front of the king to earn money) by named Devi, who is the elder sister and Devadevi, who is the younger sister. Both of them were very beautiful and can arrest the hearts of the people who are seeing them. They were good in dancing and singing. In that time of their life, having Uraiyoor as the capital, a Chozha king ruled with proper way and as the result of this, the entire empire enriched with wealthiness and all the people were very happy. The king gave the proper respect and prizes to all the Vedic people and people of musical Knowledge.
•    On hearing this, Devi and Devadevi thought of showing their skill and capacity towards the dance to the king and to get prize from him. They entered the king's palace in Uraiyoor and danced in front of the king and sang different songs with their beautiful voice.
•    On satisfied with their performance, the king gave them lots of very expensive prizes and precious diamonds and pearls. After getting the prizes from the king, they started from Uraiyoor. As a flash, Devadevi said that she wants to worship Sri Ranganathar and both of them went to Sri Rangam temple to worship Aranganathar.
•    When they were going to the temple, they had the chance to see the Nandhavanam, which belonged to Vipra Narayanar. The beauty and the silence of the Nandhavanam attracted all of them. Devadevi questioned her sister whether they are actually in the earth (or) in heaven and asked her who might a developed a beautiful, Nandhavanam like this?
•    The elder sister answered that this belongs to Vipranarayanar, who was a great Vishnu bhaktar and he daily dedicates the Garlands and for this only he has constructed this Nandhavanam.
•    After, hearing this, Devadevi wanted to see him and they both went to the small hut, where he lived Vipranarayanar was pouring water to the plants and on seeing him, his beauty admired both of them. Devadevi, on seeing him, was very much attracted towards him and started loving at the first sight. She expressed her love in words and continued with his work.
•    On the action of him, Devadevi said that he will change him towards her and said that she will stay there for a while. On getting the wishes to her sister, Devi left the place.
•    Devadevi gave all of her prizes got from the king and changed her dress into an ordinary saffron coloured clothes, what all the muni would wear.
•    Devadevi went towards Vipra Narayanar and said to him that so far she has lived in earth without being useful to others and she lived a life like in the Naragham (Hell) and she added that her rest of the life must be spent along with Vipra Narayanar in doing the seva towards the Emperumaan.
•    Vipra Narayanar on hearing this became so happy that one more person has joined him for doing the bhakta seva for the Emperumaan and since being kind - hearted, he agreed Devadevi to stay along with him and asked her to enter into the house.
•    Days passed and on one day, it rained heavily. Vipra Narayanar was inside the small hut, where Sri Ranganathar was done the daily pooja by him. But, Devadevi did not enter into the hut but instead she waited outside itself and got completely drowned in the rain. Since, he was doing the Pooja, he could not know what is happening outside, since he was completely immersed into the bhakti towards the almighty, Sriman Narayanan.
•    After finishing the pooja, he came out and saw Devadevi drouned in the rain. He asked her to get into the hut and gave his over cloth (Uthriyam - a small cloth which is used to cover the body) to Devadevi for wiping.

•    After getting the cloth, she asked him that since Vipra Narayanar is taking care of the Nandavanam and at the same time travelling lots of miles to get the food, his legs might become tired. So, she asked whether she could make his legs feel better by giving massage to his legs. Vipra Narayanar agreed for her to do so. Like this, she did some small things to convert him towards her side. She completely turned Vipra Narayanar towards her and they both started to live together.
•    One day, Devadevi said to Vipra Narayanar that she wanted to see her parents and her sister. Vipra Narayanar said that he would too come along with her, since he could not live without leaving her for a second and both of them went to Devadevi's house.
•    Vipra Narayanar gave all the things to Devadevi and her mother and one day, he doesn't have anything to give them. So her mother asked her to make him out of the house, but Devadevi could not do this, because she really loved him. But her mother did not want him to be in the house and asked Vipra Narayanar to get out of the house. Since, Vipra Narayanar is helpless, he came out of the house and entered a Nandavanam and being so tired, he slept for a while. On seeing this, the Emperumaan wanted him to get of the Maya and wanted him to get along with the right path, which leads to the Thiruvadi of him (Sri Vishnu).
•    He changed himself to an ordinary human and went straight to Devadevi's house and knocked the door. Her mother questioned who is he? He said that he is one of the sishyaas (Student) of Vipra Narayanar and gave him a big silver vessel given by his Guru to Devadevi.
•    On getting that her mother thanked him and asked his Guru, Vipra Narayanar to return back to her house, since Devadevi was feeling worse from the time he left the house. Sri Vishnu, who came as a student went towards Vipra Narayanar and woke him up and said that Devadevi's mother asked him to come back to the house. On hearing this, Vipra Naryanar walked fast to the house and hugged Devadevi.
•    The Next morning, the archakar (Who performs the daily pooja for the perumal) entered into the Sri Ranganathar sannadhi and found one Vattal (Vessel which is used to do the daily pooja) was missing and complained to the king about this. The king ordered his servants to go in search of the Vattal and they found that in Devadevi's house.
•    So, they caught hold of Devadevi's mother and Vipra Narayanar and took them to the palace. They both were made to stand in front of the King. The King questioned Devadevi's mother from where did she get the Vattal. She answered that it was given by one of the Sishyan of Vipra Narayanar. But, Vipra Narayanar opposed her words by saying that he doesnt have any student as such. After consulting with the great men in the palace, the king ordered Vipra Narayanar to be jailed for one night on the prison and Devadevi's mother was left free.
•    On that night, Vipra Narayanar cried and asked the Emperumaan why like this has happened to him and prayed towards him. On the same night, the Emperumaan arise in the dream of the king and explained him what had happened and asked him to free Vipra Narayanar.
•    The next day in the palace, Vipra Narayanar was given all the respect as what would be given to all the Vishnu bhaktas and gave him lots of precious things. The king also explained that this is a small thiru Vilayaadal (game) of Sri Emperumaan.
•    Knowing the real truth why he came to the world, he went to Sri Ranganathar temple and praised the Lord. Then, he worshipped all the bhaktas of Sri Vishnu and put the podi (Small tiny dust particles), which is found under the feet of them in his head and sang songs in praise of Sri Ranganathar.
•    From then, he was called as "Thondaradipodi Alwar". Finally he realised for what he came for to the earth and went to all the Vishnu temples to praise him.

Thiruppaan Alwar
Cauvery river which flows towards the Chozha Empire, makes the land rich in all of its production and wealth. Lots of Andhanars (Who always thinks of Sriman Narayanan) and good knowledged poets are found here. Lots of poets and Sri Vishnu bhaktas has raised the popularity of the Chozha Empire.
Uraiyoor is the capital of Chozha Empire at that time and lots of big buildings and houses full of lights are found which is one of the beautiful scene that has to be seen and enjoyed.
Uraiyoor is found near Sri Rangam. Since, Uraiyoor is rich in all of its wealthness, Sri Emperumaan is found in this sthalam as found in Sri Rangam as "Aranga Naadhan".
Dharma Varman, who ruled the Chozha Empire, wanted her daughter, Neela Devi to get married to Sri Ranganathan. But, he doesnt know that Neela Devi was the hamsam of Naachiyaar (Uraiyoor Naachiyaar and got married to Sri Ranganathar.
Sri Rangam, which is called the Bhoologa Vaikundam is surrounded by divine breeze and musical people. Nearer to Sri Rangam, is found a small village named "Alagapuri", where lots of musical people are found. One small place named "Baanar Cheri" is found, where Baanar (or) musicians, who are capable of arresting the minds of all people and even the Devas and Rishis.

But as the time went on, these baanars are separated and kept as a separate categorised peoples and who were treated as untouchables. But, in that categorised people, as the hamsam of the small mole, called as "Srivatsam" which is found in the chest of Sriman Narayanan, a small child born in this world in Purthurmadhi year, Kaarthigai month, Wednesday in Rohini Natshatram and it is "Thiruppaan Alwar".
His Characters and all of his activities are same as that of a pure Vaishnavas have. Having a veena in his hand, he always sang on Sri Vishnu and his fame and spread his capabilities and the love he offers to his bhaktas, in his songs. Because of this, he is also named as "Paan perumal".
The untouchable people are ordered not to keep their feets on Cauvery river. Because of this and to obey the order, Paan Alwar did not touch the cauvery river, but stood along the banks of the river facing Thiruvaragam temple and sung various songs, praising the Lord.
But, the Emperumaan wanted to explain the greatness and his Bhakthi of Thiruppaan Alwar towards Him and as an action to it, he started to play a small drama.
The cauvery water is used for the Thirumanjanam for Sri Ranganadhar. Loga Saaranga Maha Muneetharar, w
ho is the strict follower and a devoted bhakta of Sri Ranganathar, daily bring the cauvery water of Thriumanjanam. One day, when he was sleeping, he had a dream in which the Aranganadar explained about Paan Perumal and he should be taken on the shoulders of Loga Saaranga muni, without having the mind that he is an untouchable person.
Loga Sa
arangamuni, who being the strong follower of Sri Vishnu, got up early next morning and went to the other side of Cauvery river and met Thiruppaan Alwar. On seeing him, he explained about the dream he had last night and told him that he should climb on his shoulders, so that he can be taken to the other side of the Cauvery river, where Sri Ranganathar is giving his seva.
On hearing this, thiruppaan Alwar started crying, since he is not the right person, should climb on his shoulder, since Logasaranga Muni is a well known Vaishnavan.

But, Saranga Muni explained without having any jealous that on behalf of him only, Sriman Narayanan came in his dream and praised him that he is the person who will be honoured if he climbs on his shoulders.
Thirupaan Alwar could not convince him and finally he sat on on his shoulders