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Sri Ahobila Mutt is an old and renowned religious institution existing over 600 years. This institution came into existence at the instance of Lord Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Himself of Ahobila Kshetram in Karnool district in Andra Pradesh.

The Acharyas of Sri Ahobila Mutt are called “Sri Azhgiyasingars” meaning “Wonderful Lion” which is another name for Sri Nrusimha.

The Ahobila Mutt Acharyas have since been touring from place to place and setting up branches of the institution at many places to sustain vedic culture for the benefit of sishyas and asthikas.

The present head of the Sri Ahobila Mutt is the 46th  Jeer known as

 “ Srivan Satkopa Sri Ranganatha Yatindra Mahadesikan”.

Sri Ahobila Mutt Sri Balaji Mandir, Pune was set up in 1998 as a branch of Sri Ahobila Mutt. This temple architecture and idols of the Gods are similar to Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. The temple was consecrated on 4thFebruary 2002 in the august presence of Srimad Azhgiyasingar, the 45thJeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt.

Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Sabha, an institution of Srivaishnavites of Pune, has assisted the construction of the temple for Sri Ahobila Mutt. The first phase of the temple project was completed at a cost of Rs 1.50 Crores.  In the first phase, the idols of Sri Balaji, Sri Padmavati, Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha, Sri Garud, Sri Hanuman, Sri Ram-laksahman and Sita, Sri Godha Deviand Sri Sudarsan Chakra were consecrated in separate sannidhis. In this temple Sri Padmavati sannidhis is on the right side and Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Sannidhi is on the left side of Sri Balaji sannidhi. This signifies that Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha is presiding the wedding of Sri Balaji and Sri Padmavati as narrated in the Sri Venaktesa Purana. Since Sri Balaji and Sri Padmavati are together in the wedding lock the marriage wishes of the devotees are fulfilled for those who are offering prayers here. 



Recently the temple has constructed a separate sannidhi for Alwars and Acharyas of Srivaishnava Samapradaya. The Alwars are saints who have spent their life in singing bakthi songs in praise of Sri Narayana. The Acharyas are Srivaishanva scholars like Sriman Nathamuni, Sri Alavandar, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Vedanta Desika, Sri Adivan Satakopa (the founder of Sri Ahobila Mutt) and the present Sri Azhagiyasingar, (who has constructed this temple). These Acharyas have preached and practiced the srivaishnava philosophy and blessed the disciples to attain the moksha marg.

The temple has a big hall attached for its various festivals and this is also given to devotees for their social and religious functions to be performed at the feet of Sri Balaji like in Tirupati. (Pl contact manager for further details.)

The Temple has a GOSHALA including 6(six) Cows.

The second phase of the temple project consists of

Raja Gopuram .

In the 3rd Phase the Temple is planning the construction of a Vasantha Mandapam, an Ashram for Acharya, additional Staff Quarters and a place for conducting Religious Ceremonies( Abarakaryams).Towards this the Temple has purchased the adjacent land of 4000Sq Ft with the assistance from Mutt and blessings of Acharya.

The Temple with the support and generous donations of the

 Devotees had completed such other Projects as


"Ratnangi Kavach for all Dieties"

 "Muthangi Kavach for all dieties"

"Gold and Silver Kavach for Dieties"

"Golden Rath"

"Vahanams for Brahmotsav'

"Vahanams for Thayar(Goddess) Utsav"

The Temple is to perform various utsavams as laid down by the Agama Sastras.

This temple has begun performing Pavitrotsavam (a temple purification activitiy),


Avatahara Utssvam (the birthday for the murthis in the temple),

 Adyayanotsavam (a festival to chant Vedas and Divya Prabhanda) and

 Navratri Utsavam (a special utsavam for Sri Padmavati devi) from the beginning.

Besides, the temple also celebrate all the birth days of Alwar and Acharya as various Birth Anniversaries-THIRUNAKSHATRAMS by chanting their bakthi songs on that day.

The temple performed the First Bramhotsavam. Bramhotsavam, the biggest festival in Srivaishnava temples in 2007. This is a 10 day festival done in the month of October-November every year.  During the Bramhotsavam, the utsav murhti is taken on procession on various vahans (like Garud, Hauman, Sesh, Elephant, Horse, Surya, Chandra, etc.) decorated in different poses to bless the people around the temple. The Agama Sastras say that the Bramhotsavam is to be performed with intent of Lord going to the places of the devotees to bless them as He is not satisfied with only those coming to Him for worship but he wants to bless those who are not able to reach Him and this Bramhotsavam makes Him very happy.

The Temple performed the 1st Padmavati Thayar Utsavam in Nov 2012 an Annual Festival when Goddess is taken on Well decorated various Vahanams -Palki( Parrot,Kamal, Pear, Glassand Golden Vahanams) for Five Days.

The Temple also started the Annual Rata Saptami Festival in Feb2013 when God and Goddess are taken on 14 well decorated Vahanams-Palki on a Single day.

The temple is maintained out of the donations and offerings of the devotees.

The temple has prescribed tariff for the sponsors for each event.( PL see the Tariff page for more details.)

The Pune public is extending their full support for the temple and its activities. The temple is managed by a Committee of trustees appointed by His Holiness Srimad Azagiayasingar. The Committtee consists of dedicated people and they are doing the management as service to Sri Balaji and Acharya. The Temple staff is very courteous and performs the poojas nicely. The temple is located in a flush green surrounding and in a peaceful atmosphere. The place gives peace of mind and taking darshan of Sri Balaji here will make everyone feel charged.

This Balaji fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. The temple is open from 7 am  to 12 noon  in the Morning and 4 pm to 9 pm in the evening on all days.( For more details pl see daily schedule ln Home Page)

All are welcome to have darshan


 get blessed by Sri Balaji.